onsdag, juni 08, 2011

12 months!

My one year as an au pair in the U.S is over. It's been quite an adventure....some struggling....homesickness etc. But there's been so many wonderful days, so many great friends, so much laughter....many fun trips. I don't regret doing it but i wouldn't do it again. Being an au pair is...challenging and you have a huge responsibility for "your" kids. It's not for everyone.
But now it's summer and i can finally say SOMMARLOV! I have a job for the summer and in the fall a new adventure lies ahead > studies in Tammisaari. My blog may have a little break now because i am in CT with my relatives and enjoying the HEAT. Seriously, it's going to be 94F today! I'm gonna die....anyhow, SUMMER is here and it's going to be KICKASS!!!

Have a good one!

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