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My Planner setup for 2018

Today´s blogpost is in english, just for fun and to see what it feels like.

February is already here and some of you may think I´m a bit late with this post. Well, I wanted to try out my planners and really show you how I use them, instead of only showing blank pages (because I think that´s boring). Last year I tried out the bullet journal, and while I really liked it and had use for it, I found a new hobby (penpaling) that I want to prioritize over bullet journaling. During my first year in the planner community, I found Heidi Swapp´s stickers and products and really liked her style. So when I was looking for a new planner, I knew it was gonna be a Heidi Swapp Memory planner. I bought mine from one of my favorite Finnish planner shops: ChicCompany (not sponsored). It´s striped in black and white and has a lot of beautiful floral prints and golden details. 

My Planner setup:
(from the top)
Traveler´s Notebook (in my bag and for work)
Bullet Journal (for wedding planning)
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner (for daily use)

My Heidi Swapp Memory planner. Still have to find something pretty to decorate the pockets.
My favorite week so far. It´s my favorite color!
I think I´ve found my style for decorating this planner. 
I love stickers and washi and cute pictures and LOVE to color coordinate everything, haha.

I´ve written about my bujo for wedding planning here: brollopsplanering-i-min-bujo.html so I will not write so much about it now. We are getting married on september 1st this year, so a lot is going on at the moment. I write about the wedding planning here on the blog as well, if you´re interested! This little notebook contains everything about our wedding plans, all the to-buy lists, guestlist, adresses, timeline, venue sketch, brain dump, etc. From this bujo I transfer my to do lists for every month to my planner. It´s working perfect so far! I also use an app for wedding planning but beacuse the budget calculator isn´t working properly, I don´t really use it. I really love to write my ideas on real paper so I´m sticking to that. And It´s harder to delete something by mistake, haha. 

Last, but not least is this cute pocket sized Traveler´s Notebook that I´ve made myself! Inside, I have two notebooks, the bigger is for work and the smaller is for on-the-go ideas, shopping lists and whatever I want to write down during the day. I think It´s really cute with the bright, happy colors!

I guess that´s it! Please leave a comment about how well you thought I did!
This was my first english post since I first started blogging in 2009?! 
Crazy, right?

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