måndag, juli 01, 2013

Good memories!

 The best of the au pairs 2010-2011!
This is for you!

I think this was my first time @ Canoe Club!
Fun in Boston!
 ...we were like the only ones dressed up when we arrived to the party! But we were still cool.
 Why so serious Laura and Alicia? ;)
 This was such a fun day! Spring was finally there!
 Love this picture!
 So cool...? :D
 Went skiing and snowboarding!
 Hahaha..... :D
So cute!
 I think this was at Matt´s birthday party...
Fat boy riding a fat horse! Cute German girl touching his foot....? :P
 Remember this? Hahaha, in Montréal.
 One of many parties...
 Pretty girls!
 More pretty girls...
 ....one weird girl to the right....
Happy swedish girl :D
 Happy german girl!
 What´s so funny? :D
Then came New Years and the au pairs went crazy :D
 Hard Rock Café NYC
New Yoooooork!
 We got our own tour guides ;)
 "Hey look we are on Times Square! Wohooo!"
 I don´t think we were invited to that college party? How did we get in? :p
 More of Halloween!
And Ian of course!
 ...who is that Jen? ;)
Shake it like a polaroid picture!
The pregnant lady and the gypsy dancing the night away!
 Went to a Diner a nice Sunday!
 More New Year pictures.... :D
Laura wishes you a Happy New Year, hehe :D 

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  1. tu e såååå grann i hade svart klänindsä å håri såde ti eina siido. woow :)